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Titanium Metal Products

Titanium Stockists has worked hard over the years to supply our customers in the Midlands and UK a host of different titanium products, this hard work has now paid off and we are an industry leader working with industry leaders around the world supplying them with high quality titanium products for all of their business' needs.

We have a range of titanium products, which over the years have been used by many different companies for the perfect solution to many problems, the areas where titanium has been used the most over the years are; aerospace, orthopaedics, dental implants, chemical/Petro-chemicals, military hardware, piping for nuclear and oil refineries and also the jewellery sector.

The reason for its uses over such a range of sectors is thanks to its high strength to density ratio and that it is a highly resistant metal, it also has a very high melting point and yet can still be welded, it is a very versatile metal that we can supply in many different forms and grades.

Titanium Metal Stockists

We are stockists and suppliers of a complete range of titanium products for many different sectors in the UK and Europe, the products we supply include; titanium tubing, titanium bars, titanium sheets, titanium plates, titanium ingots, titanium wire and titanium rods.

All of our titanium products are available in many different grades of titanium alloy and titanium and many different sizes, please do get in touch to see our full list and range of products and find out more about how we can help you further if you are in the Midlands, UK or Europe.