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Uses of Titanium Metal

Titanium has been used for a number of years now as a replacement for metals such as steel to provide an alternative that is stronger but lighter, it is also twice as strong as aluminium and is also a lot more resistant to things such as sea water than both metals.

Titanium is used for alloys with aluminium, iron, manganese and other metals, most of these alloys are used in the aerospace industry to create aircraft frames and engines which are much lighter than previous versions. Also the fact that titanium can withstand extreme temperature is highly important as well.

Titanium is also used to replaced joints, including ball and socket joints such as hip joints, the resulting replacement can last for 20 years and so. The dental industry has got into the act as well, using titanium for dental implants, the titanium actually forms with bone tissue and the implants, although expensive can last up to 30 years.

Because of its resistance to sea water is it also used for piping as oil refineries as well as for propeller shafts and many other parts of ships exposed to salt water. A titanium anode coated with platinum provides protection from corrosion by salt water.

Titanium Metal Stockists

Titanium paint is an excellent reflector of infra-red radiation and so is used extensively in solar observations where heat causes poor viewing conditions, maintenance may prove to be quite an issue when the product is in place!

There are still many uses for titanium back on earth the jewellery sector has been using titanium for a number of years as a clear alternative to gold and silver.

There is many applications that titanium can be used for and thanks to titanium many innovations over the past few decades have been able to take place. If you would like any more information about titanium or a full list of our products then do please feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.